Friday, August 31, 2007

PAS: Packing Avoidance Syndrome

One of my psychological failings is that I have a strong drive to avoid doing things that overwhelm me. I think one of the most useful things I have done this summer is my experiment in chunking to learn the Bach C MAJ 2-part Invention on the piano. This week I am reminded that it would be useful to generalize this skill beyond music. PAS doesn't always mean Practice Avoidance Syndrome.

Instead of packing, what am I doing? Cleaning out the closet. Yes, it did have to be done. There was no room for my new, larger-size purchases. But no, I haven't actually packed anything yet.

I hope there is a market for used size 2s.


ola del m rio said...

When I graduated to a size 6p the only place I could find for my size 2p items was the church closet, and then it was hard to match even a child to the items. Good luck in finding them a new owner.

CelloGeek said...

I suppose the side benefit of PAS is that you will have a well-organized closet. That is something that I don't think I have ever had (the well-organized closet). Have a grand time on your trip!