Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the night before Christmas

The little girls are sleeping, dreaming of treasures to be unwrapped in the morning. Or anyway, of wrapping paper and boxes to play with. John is in the nursery, comforting Holly, our Christmas visitor. Holly was rescued this week from the side of the road by a good Samaritan, face bleeding and possibly injured. We think she might have been thrown out of a car window by someone who decided s/he no longer wanted an adorable tuxedo kitten. After five harrowing days in a dog kennel under the jurisdiction of Animal Control, and as her clock ticked toward euthanasia, she was scarfed up by one of the rescue groups D- and I foster for. D- is off for her Christmas holiday, so Holly is staying with us for a few days.

Madeleine is snoozing somewhere, but Cricket - what's Cricket up to? It looks like she hears something...

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