Thursday, July 03, 2008

New little bro

This is Charlie Brown. He's about three weeks old, and Linus at five weeks is about twice his size.

Charlie Brown was delivered last night after being rescued from a family who was trying to take care of a "give away" who was much too young to leave his mother. We were hoping that Lucy would accept him into the family, and are making some progress - Lucy washes him while hissing and growling. No suckling yet, and I'm not sure Charlie Brown remembers how. But he's a good eater from the syringe, and I'm taking care of that part of mothering (every few hours), plus periodic litter box trips.

It's truly a team effort. Linus was a bit hissy at the beginning (taught well by his foster mother Lucy), but warmed up within minutes, clearly delighted to have another kitten for company. His favorite time is when Charlie Brown is eating messily from the syringe, and he gets to lick the extra milk dribbling down his chin. He is also happy to provide the sticky baby with a thorough bath after meals.

Charlie Brown participates in pouncing and wrestling, and when he wears out Linus is happy to continue the game with much pouncing over, rather than on, the baby.

He's such a big brother.


Denise said...

Poor little Charlie can't keep up with his big brother, but Linus is certainly having FUN!

-d ma said...

That's hilarious how Linus kinda uses Charlie as a hurdle. Charlie is gonna grow to love his "brother."