Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Enumerating News

OK, OK. In response to a complaint that two weeks of seeing the Clik a Pad on top of my blog is more than enough, I am writing a new post.

News for July:

1. I got a new set of four bottle babies last Monday, 3-4 weeks old. For the past week I have been very busy feeding, pottying, cleaning, and weaning. My bigs are wonderful, every so often going in to check out the babies (as Sharae is doing here) but leaving them alone to squirm and wrestle in the Nursery. They're not very interesting yet, unless you are their Mom.

2. Finnegan and Fergus have gone to their forever homes. While not together, they each have a new big sister, are adjusting well, and their new people love them.

3. Molly had a family visit last night, but not the right one for her. I will be very sorry to see Molly leave, even though she is going through an adolescent phase of overturning trash cans, scratching the couch, and suckling at 3am. She's a dear.

4. Sharae, Seri, Dolly, and Molly all went to an adoption event at a local Petco last weekend. The verdict is unanimous. We all hate them.

5. My Board review course was very interesting, and very long. My hip still hurts from the week of non-stop sitting, now several weeks ago.

6. I got in three good days of clutter work at the DC house. Four huge paper recycling bins filled, but the bulk of the work was moving the clutter to a more organized and out-of-the way place. Sigh.

7. I've started participating in a new workout program called CrossFit. I am doing the version scaled down for us Buttercups, and even with that have been marveling at how long it's been since I felt like puking after a workout. The barbell work came in very handy with #6, as I found I could easily lift a 40 lb book box over my head using a clean and jerk technique.

8. I started #7 after I found out in PT that the reason I haven't been able to run without pain yet is that I don't actually use the muscles around my knee during stance to push-off. That has gotten much better with the squat strength-training. I also stopped jogging, and started running as far as I can (about 200 ft <g>) then walking in intervals. I hope I can run 2 complete miles by winter. Reconditioning is so much harder when you're 50. Sigh.

9. I have had one adventure in travel, getting stranded for an extra day in DC because of weather the day before I was supposed to fly home. I've never been delayed a whole day before, and was glad I was in a place where I had somewhere to stay.

10. I have played my cello four times since my last concert in June. I don't know what happened; I've simply lost my desire to play. And now I have also lost much of my finger and thumb calluses, and if I just jump in to play for fun I aggravate my right tennis elbow. It's not looking good on the cello front right at this moment. And I haven't tried to play the piano since June.


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh, we need a better picture of the new babies!

-d ma said...

that's a great picture of Sharae checking in on the kitties.

Emily said...

Play when you play. When you don't, enjoy not playing. Just the way it should be! :) I think fondly of you and the kitties all the time,