Monday, November 10, 2008

A long way to go

I ran across a link to a fun longevity calculator in my medical junk e-mail this morning. Great news: statistically my life expectancy is 98 years. They recommended a few small changes I could make to get past that century mark, which included slightly increasing my activity level, convincing my bowels to (ahem) move more frequently, taking a regular aspirin dose, giving up my last cup of daily coffee (give up 48 years of morning coffee for three more months of life? I don't think so), and becoming more optimistic about my life.


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Denise said...

A friend sent me this longevity calculator a week or so ago. I came out at 94 year despite being very overweight and getting no exercise. I didn't know there were tips for living longer, but I think it's pretty obvious. 94 would be fine with me. The last few years of my 100-year-old grandpa's life haven't been so great.