Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New friends

I'm not completely out of fostering. You probably weren't counting, but I still have three longer-term residents, Sharae, GiGi, and Serengeti (Seri). I snuck Seri's back-dated log in a couple of weeks ago. Due to our recent unfortunate events they now get to join us in quarantine, so I'll have six kitties for at least the next couple of months.

So far Madeleine has a small lesion that is probably ringworm over her eye that we have cultured and I am treating topically. She was highest risk for catching it in spite of my routine kitten-quarantine precautions because she has long hair, doesn't cross-groom with the other cats, and really loves to have her face stroked, one of the hardest places for her to groom herself. So it was probably a slip in hand-washing technique on my part. Nothing otherwise - so far, so good.

I mentioned that we moved Seri over to my house partly to keep GiGi company. She seemed a little mopey after JJ left without her. It was rather entertaining for a few days, watching GiGi alternately play with and hiss at Seri. Seri is a trooper, though, a self-sufficient little creature who was found on the streets as a lonely only when she was about 9 weeks old and spent the first few weeks isolated because of her ear mites. Since she's been here she's made friends with all the cats and even wrapped her little flippy tippy tail around DH's heart strings.

Quarantine won't be so bad. These little girls are darling.


Anonymous said...

You are not entirely bereft, then. That's good.

Maricello said...

They're adorable. Six cats should keep you busy and contented for a while. So glad for you and them. :-)