Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gentleman killer

I was browsing through my photos last night, and ran across these kitten pictures while in search of other things. I had forgotten just how cute Gigi and her siblings were. I think these two demonstrate Gigi's approach to the guys quite well, and evidently she is busy wowing her new household. Witness, the progress report from this morning:

Gigi is definitely out and about and taking over the house! She's a talker, isn't she? She's decided the dogs are annoying but harmless. In fact, I think they're a little afraid of her.

The cats are still a little wary but are all hanging out in the same room. Felix and Gigi seem the closest to being comfortable with each other. It's kind of funny to watch. They get closer and closer before they growl. They'll get as close as nose to nose, sniff each other and then hiss. My biggest challenge is staying out of it and letting them work it out.

There is one really positive development from my point of view. Oliver was having a ball this morning playing with Gigi's mouse. That's the first time I've seen him play in a long time.

I've fallen for her. She reminds me of my Abby - the smallest, the most dominant and the most demanding of my attention. Abby used to sit in one place and squawk until I paid attention to her. Gigi follows me all over the house and meows.

That is very fast progress for less than 48 hours. I'm predicting that in a week or two Gigi will think she is in heaven, with three lovely mancats available for her napping pleasure, and one human and two beagles at her beck and call.

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