Thursday, February 07, 2008


The good news is that none of my nagging but quiescent overuse injuries have flared with the acute increase in my practice schedule. The bad news is that my fingertips are killing me.

So far today I've practiced one hour and had a cello lesson. I'm about to start a two hour orchestra rehearsal, then I go to the first rehearsal of my new cello trio - one hour.

I will withhold further comment until I know if I survive.

UPDATE: My fingers feel like hamburger but trio rehearsal was great. We read through several French baroque pieces - very relaxing and satisfying. I'll post the details of my day on my practice blog tomorrow.


Marisa said...

Wow 5 hours of cello-ing. My fingers are sore after 2.

yarnplayer said...

My fingers feel sore just reading about it!