Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last Friday I took in one more foster kitten. It wasn't intentional; just seemed like the thing to do. This was another female Maine Coon mix who looks a lot like Dolly, but with Dicken's coloration. We call her Molly, because of the resemblance, and Molly Midget because she's a good deal smaller than the other kittens here, and Molly Minute because not only is she as big as a minute, but she runs a "Molly Minute", too.

Turns out Molly likes the piano. Not only does she fearlessly run up and down the beast, but she seems to enjoy walking on the keys, and she settles herself somewhere nearby when I practice, often right on top. Yesterday I was practicing a little piece that I might decide to play in a recital next week, and she made herself comfortable on a leather folio sitting on top of the piano. Alas, my first, perfect take wasn't recorded, but she's still here for the second, which contains a few useful memory slips.


celloluv said...

Molly looks like a cat I had called Minnie Ripple. She was so tiny when I found her. She looked like a mini version of another "stray" I'd found that resembled a melted box of fudge ripple ice cream. I wonder what attracts her to the piano?

Marisa said...

Molly looks really cozy. Too bad she doesn't sing along.

Emily said...

What a great little floofster. Grey is still an acrobat maniac who gets a fried egg cooked for him every day and then goes into hiding. We are hoping he will revert to some form of domesticity at some point! :)

Gottagopractice said...

@Celloluv-yes, the ripple I can see, but melted? I'm not sure whether it's me, the music, the comfortable perch, or just timing with the piano, but she doesn't seem to be around when I'm practicing the cello.

@Marissa-Molly does sing. She's actually quite vocal, which I understand is a characteristic Maine Coon trait. She was just tired.

@Emily-fried egg!? What an interesting diet. Hopefully something with taurine, too? It's a good thing you have so much experience with things that require patience.

Katie said...

Oh, how cute! The video makes me want to get back into piano, I took lessons for 9 years but haven't played in awhile since I'm pianoless at the moment :(

Annie said...

Hi there,

I clicked through on your link from when you left a comment on my blog (on the post about my freaking problem).

I was reading about your foster kittens. Adorable! I'm wondering what happened to little Dicken? And what was it that was unusual about him in the picture in that one post?

My husband and I are not very good at the kitten fostering business. We've fostered 3 kittens in the last two years - one single and two littermates. Thing is, we don't adopt them out to new homes, we adopt them into our home!

islandashley said...

I have a house bunny who loves to hop around the cello whenever I'm having a lesson. It's pretty funny since he's normally quite shy.

Love your blog!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

I haven't been here for awhile, I can't believe how many kittens you have right now. The are all adorable and so full of spunk! They must make for a happy and enjoyable day.