Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Music schedule

You might not know it from reading my blog recently, but I do still play the cello. After taking two whole months off over the summer, but still feeling slightly burnt out, I cut back my schedule significantly this year.

What I am not doing:
Flute trio
Piano trio
Piano lessons
Vocal ensemble

What I am doing:
Cello lessons, weekly +/-
Voice class, also weekly
Cello quartet, weekly, with a coach
String quartet, sporadically, every few months
Church orchestra, weekly rehearsal and 1 or 2 services, 3 of 4 weeks

Plus a Christmas performance, which is this week. So we have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night, scheduled for four (4!) hours, and concert on Thursday night. I also simplified my life by scheduling everything at Music School on one day, which happens to be Thursday. So this week I'll go straight from my lesson to dress rehearsal, and miss voice class and cello quartet.

I am annoyed that, even with having cut back, my scheduled elements are stepping on each others' toes.


Jean said...

gottagopractice, fighting!!! On a different level, we fight together. Cheers!

Emily said...

I like the looks of your schedule. Mine looks like:

no cello for a week
no students for 2 weeks (which is ok..I need to recharge)
no tree :(

lots of moving
maybe some shopping
tour planning
blogging (saving my life right now!)
kitty pictures on your blog (also saving my life!)

Marisa said...

Wow, I feel positively lazy looking at your schedule.