Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekly practice review

Yesterday, I welcomed Daylight Savings Time by sleeping all afternoon, after being up early to play for church, then succumbing to insulin toxicity induced by the carbohydrate load of the apple fritters I consumed at a local dining emporium.

Why do I mention that in a post about practice review? Because I slept all day, I didn't start to practice until after 8:30pm, which is fine for me, but DH has a weekday 4:30am date with the alarm clock, and our house is very open. So I didn't want to practice more than about 30 minutes. I did that, however, instead of skipping it because it was the last day of the week and I wanted to report a good practice week, 5 days out of 7. Thanks, Practice Club.

The funniest moment of the week happened just as I came to the end of my 30 minutes. I was playing the first four bars of arpeggiated chords from the Sammartini Sonata in G (Suzuki Book 8, 1st mvmt, p3) with my eyes closed so I could concentrate better, when DH stopped by on the way to bed and kissed me on the top of my head. Oh, my! I nearly jumped out of my skin! Then dissolved into laughter as my heart rate returned to normal, and asked him to please, never kiss me when I am playing the cello with my eyes closed.

How romantic is that?


Anonymous said...

Spoke with cello teacher about our video idea. He liked it! Depending on when we can do it, we may tackle something more advanced than Kummer #7. Maybe something in A or D major with lots of extensions.

Anonymous said...

And I've gotten burned by kissing my wife "by surprise" quite a few times.

MagicBunnySlippers said...

I celebrated DST by showing up to my 90 minute orchestra rehearsal one hour and ten minutes late. I was utterly clueless until practice ended unexpectedly 20 minutes later. As if that didn't make me feel foolish enough, I also dropped my music notebook on my head as I worked my way to my seat. Ugh.