Sunday, March 01, 2009

Something New

Okaaaay... One big, fat post for the month of February. That's what I call taking a break.

I credit the Practice Club on CelloBloggers for helping to maintain my interest in practicing in a month filled with taking care of my mom post-op, administering meds to cats to finally resolve the diarrhea issue, multiple kitten adoptions (the Vanalikalikes, Spud and Jo all found excellent homes), the return of Pi due to an unsuspected heart condition and his subsequent diagnosis and ongoing treatment. Actually, it was a busy month, but knowing that I had committed to reporting my practice time every week to a handful of faithful peers was just enough motivation to get me to my practice room.

This is my other inspiration this month:

I have been keeping a rudimentary journal in a weekly academic appointment calendar, but decided that something a little more colorful might increase the fun quotient. Sort of like stickers for adults. So I bought a dry-erase board with daily divisions and a space for lists, along with a pack of multi-colored dry erase pens. Now I have the added incentive of covering the board each week.


Marisa said...

I think I understand all the symbols and comments but what does the ? and ! buttons stand for?

Gottagopractice said...

The buttons came with the set. This week they were just colorful and irrelevant additions I left in a space without writing. Maybe next week I'll use them to flag the most significant task to carry forward into the next week (?) and my most significant (or delightful) achievement (!).

Kivetros said...

Welcome back to blogging. Post more cat pix! ^_^


Mr L said...

Hope your mom is ok.

Our cat, Harry, has asthma but is responding well to medication.

I'm having a nice sized lipoma removed from my left elbow later in the month. This has kind of killed any momentum I had toward practicing. I was distressed to learn that a "Bier Block" does not involve copious amounts of Bass Ale...