Sunday, May 20, 2007

Demonstration of Rhythms

As I was loading my cello into the car this morning to go to church, a bird was playing in my head. Sounded like a bird, anyway. No, it was a violin. The tune was familiar, but I couldn't quite place it, until I reached the tutti. Ah, Vivaldi. Spring, 1st movement. I am still in awe of people that can identify a tune after hearing 2 or 3 notes, or the opening chord. Me, I'm delighted when I can figure it out by the tutti.

It didn't take as long as I expected to string these practice video clips into a movie. Even though I had to fix a video card conflict with Movie Maker first. But since yesterday's post was long enough, I'm giving the movie it's own post today.

It would be nice to have an extension so that I didn't have to get up to start the camera each clip. I found that when I sat down I felt rushed to start, and often had the cello placed suboptimally. Silly, when I had to trim the beginning, anyway. Another little lesson to file away.


ola del m rio said...

Your memory is doing GREAT! how long has it taken you to remember the 12 measures? I am still having problems remembering anything that I am playing for longer than a day.

ola del m rio said...

The different rhythms will be something that I need to try and see if they might help me also.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're really getting a good tone out of your cello.

I have to confess that even after reading the explanation and watching the video I still don't fully understand the exercise. Are you just playing passages of the piece with different rhythms? Is that supposed to help with the piece, or is it just a general exercise?