Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad habit

For a musician, a pencil is only as good as its eraser. No eraser? Trash. It speaks to the constant editing that goes on during practice and rehearsals. My favorite variety is Ticonderoga 2/HB softs - for whatever reason, their erasers never harden. But I picked up a few of these nice colored ones at the music school the other day.

It appears I have a serious problem at my house. The erasers on my new pencils have begun disappearing. The other morning I found these: brand-new, unsharpened, and eraserless. No, it wasn't me. I don't bite my fingernails, I don't chew pencils, and I don't eat erasers.

But I know who does. Silly me, I put the last remaining new pencil from this batch (sharpened) into my pencil holder. So much for colors. I'll stick with my yellow Ticonderogas, and I'm very glad their erasers aren't tasty (who knew?).


5plus said...

Those colored pencils MUST have flavored erasers, so you really can't blame Sharae. She's probably looking for snacks since she never knows what you are going to feed her next!

Beth K. Vogt said...

Too, too funny.
Maybe she's "flossing" or something dental hygenic like that.