Tuesday, November 27, 2007


One of the (few) joys of being sick as a child was staying home from school and watching daytime TV. Even as an adult, sometimes I want something mindless to do in those periods between sleeping. So, during my recent illness I brought the small wireless TV I usually keep by the treadmill into the bedroom, and set it up on the bed. The next thing I knew, GiGi had taken advantage of the divots to situate herself for comfortable viewing.

It's Tummy Tuesday. To see more of the (feline) sunny-side-up variety, visit LisaViolet.


Cellogal said...

I remember day time tv when I was off school sick - wierd and wonderful things like the Love Boat, Columbo, Murder, she Wrote - all seemed to be on daytime tv! Predates the days of Australian soaps in Britain!

My cat only seems interested in the tv if there are birds on it -singing or some such thing!

Maricello said...

Hi Gottago, I tag you for 5 (or 7) Random Things about Yourself. See my blog for details. Have fun!

My cats do not watch tv, but they like to sleep on top of it. Won't they be surprised if we ever buy one of those thin TVs!

PJ said...

What a sweet kitty nurse you have there..:)

Gottagopractice said...

Hi Cellogal, my favorite was Bewitched. I can't help but feel nostalgic whenever I see an episode now.

Maricello, you'll need to place a warming box near the TV should you ever move on to a flat screen. And thus far I'm drawing a blank on random thoughts, but I'll think about it some more.

Yes, PJ, my nurses are the *best*!