Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer schedule

Piano class. Done.
Vocal Ensemble. Done.
Orchestra. Concert last month, and done for me since I am not playing in the July concerts.
Cello lessons. Last one yesterday, until October. T- suggested another teacher I might like to take lessons from over the summer, but I'm not thinking seriously about it (yet).
Flute trio. We'll still rehearse, but not more than 1-2x/month.
String quartet. Monthly, maybe, depending on whether we can work out schedules.
Cello trio. Last rehearsal last night, and recital is tonight. Still thinking about whether to resume in the Fall, but done for Summer.

I do have my first opportunity to be a "ringer" next weekend, joining my old orchestra for a concert. I rehearsed with them once about two months ago, just for fun. They're playing Schumann's Symphony #2 in C, and the von Weber Overture to Beherrscher der Geister. I'm kinda looking forward to the challenge, now that some of my other stuff is winding down.

No music camps planned for this summer. My main goal, believe it or not, is just to practice for the sake of practice. I've picked all of the low-lying fruit, concentrating on specific changes to my technique, and what I need most now is Butt-in-Chair time. I though it could be avoided, but have been forced to conclude that the only way to really make progress at my level is through repetition. So I'm switching my focus from variables helpful in learning new skills to the variety of ways one can make repetition palatable.

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Maricello said...

Sounds like a good summer plan. My plans for the summer are similar, including an emphasis on solid practice and no regular lessons until fall. Hopefully practice time will be found!