Friday, June 27, 2008


We have a problem. I can't sit at the computer in the office without turning to see Linus climbing up the prison wall, and he's become a very good climber. But definitely not a good climber-downer, and probably not a very good faller. He hasn't fallen yet, but that is only because I notice he is climbing, usually as he nears the top, 5 feet off the ground. I'm sure a fall from that height could cause a kitty concussion.

So, obviously this post is not about training kittens, but a kitten training me to facilitate his jail breaks. Smart kitten.

The first time I took Linus out yesterday morning Lucy was busily eating breakfast. When Lucy is eating, she has a one track mind, and it's not on the baby. I realized something was up when mother talk intruded on my consciousness as I was typing, in escalating volume, and I turned to see her frantically searching in all the corners for Linus. I just called her attention to the baby in my lap, and she laid down, eagle eyes fixed and unwavering on Linus until I relented and let her out, too.

Office door closed, of course. We did have a few loud discussions under the door with the bigs outside. Not ready for integration (for a variety of reasons) for another week or two.

For a cat rescued from a dump, Lucy is exceptionally sweet and people oriented. As soon as I let her into the office, she came over, jumped in my lap, and took up a post on the desk. An ideal blogging companion.

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-d ma said...

both lucy and linus are fine looking cats. I hope lucy doesn't end up treating linus like the peanuts character does...