Sunday, February 01, 2009


Superbowl. Kitchen. Rockin' with The Boss. DH demonstrates the Dying Cockroach (I think it was originally called gatoring, but we renamed it in honor of a prominent feature of the hospital we trained at). I was worried that he would hurt himself, but he emerged unscathed. Kistler pinot noir and chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Man, we are getting old.


Emily said...

Sounds good to me! Speaking of The Boss, I nearly had a heart attack when he threw his guitar to the tech and he nearly dropped it! It's a telecaster from the 60s, I think. A good vintage, like your Kistler. Also amusing was the knee slide right into the camera. And now comes the toughest part of the year...with no football to sustain me, I'll grow lean on a diet of NBA basketball and baseball spring training.

yarnplayer said...

It gave me a "fountain of youth" type of energizing feeling that I'm not growing older, just more experienced and skilled - to see this 59-year-old doing his acrobatic moves and singing with joy and exuberance. Made me feel like I can keep rockin' till I'm 150!