Thursday, March 06, 2008


It was an out-of-body experience. The dress rehearsal for my orchestra concert tomorrow night was this evening, and it's the first thing I've dragged myself out of bed to do since Monday. The rest of life is on hold until I recover a bit more.

Thanks to all for your good wishes. I have been following your advice assiduously, drinking copious quantities of chicken soup and tea, while surrounded by solicitous felines. It helped when I recognized I was having an asthma attack on top of this latest installment of Winter's Worst Hits, and treated it aggressively.

Tomorrow's concert could be interesting. There was a substantial article in the paper today about the contemporary piece we are playing (you would have read about that earlier if you follow my practice blog). Who knows, might be a crowd. That would be different.

Read the article. Listen to a piano recording of an excerpt.

We're also playing Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Fantasy, and Brahms' 1st Symphony. Hopefully I'll still be with the program when we reach one of the most sublime moments in all of music (IMHO), when all joy breaks loose in the fourth movement. Wish me luck.

I'd better rest now.


Maricello said...

Good luck at your concert tonight, and thanks for sharing the article about "Katherine...". Such a very sad tale (and reminded me about how I much I loved to fall asleep with a baby asleep on my chest). I also read through your orchestra blog (about this piece), which I hadn't looked at before. Very interesting, especially about working with the composer. It does sound like music that one might have to listen to/play a few times before fully appreciating.

Erin said...

Good luck on your concert - I too have the nasty flu and have to perform, though not until next weekend. Though my concert programme sounds a whole lot less demanding than yours.

Have a good night.