Monday, March 10, 2008


It's been quite a long time since I have played a concert in the evening. I was just reflecting that, between that fact and the lingering effects of my URI, I had good reason for feeling tired. But other than one major coughing fit at intermission and a few unexpected detours in the music (which I attribute to mushy downbeat syndrome in an over-excited Maestro) I though the concert went well. We did an especially good job on our premier of the orchestrated version of Katherine on my Chest/With you at your Grave. But I am sorry to say that the cello section still did not get that stringedo in the 4th movement of the Brahms. Bummer. We'll have something to shoot for next time.

My friend D- came to the concert with me, which was nice for several reasons. First, she has the same crud I have, so I was grateful that she even stirred out of her house. Second, she's from these parts, so when I heard that there were accidents on all of the major arteries into the city it was no problem to navigate around them all, and I learned a few new neighborhoods in the bargain. Others weren't so prescient, so extra pats on our backs for being on time. Third, I rarely know anyone in the audience, so it was nice to have a friend there. Fourth, I had someone to watch my coat and valuables during the performance. And fifth, she was happy to man my camera and recorder, so I have a few photos, and a few video clips, and a recording of the concert from somewhere other than under the cello section. Woo hoo! I can't tell you the last time I got to see myself in action.

So here you are; you can share in the fun. I think you can see in the photo what an odd set-up we have, giving concerts in this small church. The strings are on the same level as the pews, the winds are above us by six steps or so, and stacked far back. The tympani and harp are farthest back of all - I don't know how they can even see the conductor, who is down with us on only a step-up podium.

The video clip has my favorite theme from the fourth movement of Brahms' 1st Symphony. D- is not very familiar with these pieces, so I was amazed that one of the few clips she took caught this theme - not the first time, where the violins take off with pizzicato accompaniment in the lower strings, but later where the cellos have it. And she started the video before she could have known what was coming - way to go, D-!


celloluv said...

You and your stand partner sure had your bowing and fingerings down. It was almost like you were working as a unit! Fun to watch!!

Marisa said...

Very nice to have a video. I've always enjoyed that part of the Brahms where the cellos get the theme.

CelloGeek said...

Nice video! Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching and listening.

Adan*Michico said...

Thank you so much for giving my comments on my darling cat blog.

I hope you will be recover soon, healthy body makes your perform to the best :)

I will be back again to see the video. And comments again later~~~

yarnplayer said...

Nice video! That is a very pretty passage.