Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My short-lived blog renaissance has run into a roadblock in the form of a dead computer. It appears we had a power surge in the night, according to the tale told by the oven clock. It's really dead - no response at all from depressing the power button. Hopefully that means that the power supply bore the brunt of the damage, as it seems to me I'd get power up if I had "only" fried the motherboard. I happen to have a spare power supply sitting around, waiting to be transplanted into the computer that died a year and a half ago. That one can probably wait a little longer.

In the meantime, I am typing this last post on DH's tiny laptop. The font is so small that I can barely see it even with maximal squinting. It may be awhile until I try this again.


Kivetros said...

To increase the font size on the browser, press Ctrl and = at the same time. (To put it back, press Ctrl and -.) It's a browser thing.

I hope that helps. I like reading your blog, and if I can in any way help you to be able to continue posting, I want to help.


Bunny Slippers said...

Well, rats! I'm hardly a blogging inspiration, but I do hope you'll find your way back.