Friday, April 17, 2009

Tactile intonation

I think I might have had a breakthrough at my lesson last night. I was playing the g minor scale, and we had stopped to work out the intonation of the IIF# to IIIEb. After trying it a couple of ways involving different combinations of fingers and strings, T- asked me to feel with the bow whether the note was in tune. A bit of Zen Cello. To my amazement, I caught the gist of of what seemed to me a ridiculous directive, and played with that concept through the rest of my evening activities (Irish fiddling and cello quartet).

I am totally psyched. I think I have finally opened the conduit so my energy gets all the way from my back down my arms into my fingertips and to the bow.

That was the best kind of day - but you have to wait until tomorrow for a kitten update (Mama and all 8 babies are doing well).


Bunny Slippers said...

I'm not sure if you mean you can feel whether the note is in tune because the string actually vibrates differently, or if it's some kind of mystical energy thing.

Anyway, congratulations on the breakthrough and I'm looking forward to those kitten pics.

Gottagopractice said...

I'm not sure, either. There's also the component of simply shifting the focus in my mind from the left hand to the right hand, from getting the notes to playing the notes. Maybe I just hear it better with that focus? Anyway, I'm going to try an experiment, recording myself with my hearing blocked (as well as I can) to see (hear) what I discover.

Will get right on the kitten pics...