Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Brother

This is my new cello coach, Big Brother.

Big Brother to whom? Why, to Angelina and Brad, of course. Didn't you notice the family resemblance? Angelina, Brad, Big Brother, and their very pregnant Mama came into foster care together - we won't go into the details of why they were surrendered. Angelina, Brad, and BB stayed with me for awhile, while Mama is confined at D-'s, waiting for those babies to pop.

Last Thursday A, B, and BB went back to D-'s house as well. Angelina and Brad were adopted on Saturday (yay!) and about the same time Brother disappeared. I was on kitten watch Sunday, and poked around the house very thoroughly without spotting him. On Tuesday I went over in spelunking clothes, flashlight in hand, and D- and I started systematically dismantling her basement.

I was very afraid we were going to find him here, where the spaces between the rafters reach 10 feet over top the next room. That was quite a trick, to get my head up between the HVAC and the wall to peer down the chute.

This is where we finally found him. This little alley had been partitioned off with a sideways piece of paneling, precisely because this is a tough place from which to extract fugitives. What, you don't see him?

Try tilting the door the other way. Yup, that's him at the end.

I was able to squeeze down the tunnel, pick him up, trembling, and back slowly out without squishing him. He went into a carrier without much fight (to our relief) and we brought him back to my house - where he promptly made himself at home, much to the displeasure of The Ladies.

Why did he have such a reaction at D-s house? Our hypothesis is that he was very bonded to his (female) former owner and had transfered that close attachment to me. He was very distressed when he lost two people in the course of a week. He's a complete doll, and very affectionate. Stay tuned while we figure out how we are going to transition him to a permanent home.

In the meantime, he has work to do.

Late-breaking news - kittens this morning! Guess what color?


A. Hiscock said...

Oh, what a sweetie! He's as chatty as my tiny little black Nixie, too. I thought for sure he'd poke his nose at the music on the stand right at the end and send it all fluttering to the floor, as mine have done so many times.

He seems very, very glad to be home with you.

And congratulations on the kittens! I hope all goes well with them.

Laila and Minchie said...

I don't know, I think maybe he has already transitioned into his forever home. His mew is very melodic and could be such a great help with your practising.

Great work finding him!

ola del m rio said...

Watch out for the possibility of the cat eating the bow. Paris was caught chompping down on my practice bow a few months ago. Now all bows are put away where she can not get to them.