Thursday, November 16, 2006


Madeleine was born in a barn. You would never know it. She's such a refined lady, not to mention gorgeous. But alas, it's the truth. Her Mom was a lovely medium-long haired and very shy white cat. Her most likely Dad was a short white-haired tom. Her brother looked like Dad. I hear that white hair is dominant and black recessive in cats, which is at least a logical explanation for how two white cats can create a black kitten.

Madeleine has always been shy. Although she's the Grande Dame of my house at seven years old, she has given up the dominant status to each new cat as they have successively arrived. DH calls her our 'Fraidy Cat. She is startled even by his footsteps. (Though not mine. Wonder why?) I should have suspected she would be like this when we had to move a very large stack of hay bales she was hiding behind in order to extricate her from the barn. Though she runs from strangers, she is very loving to both of us, and also to my mother and sisters. It's curious that she hides from his family members, but takes to mine immediately. Is it their smell? Our collective aura?

The occasion for this entry is that we finally have caught a video clip of Madeleine begging. She has done this ever since she was a kitten, no training required. You'll never see this in person, but you get to see it here.


shelley said...

Oh, Madelaine is adorable! I don't think I've ever seen a cat beg like that - very cute!

Anonymous said...

That is some impressive begging! All the cats I've ever known simply beg by meowing incessantly. Madelaine must be pretty hard to resist when she does that... :-)