Sunday, November 26, 2006


During the extended stays of my first groups of foster kittens, I found myself wishing for something they could climb on and scratch to bits, first while they were confined to the office, and later when I loosed them in the general vicinity of my furniture. I figured it also wouldn't hurt to have something to entice my resident cats away from the couch. And since they are primarily indoor cats (primarily with respect to Cricket's occasional rooftop forays) it would be nice to find something they would enjoy playing on in addition to scratching, both to increase their general activity level and to "enrich their environment."

So, early in Thanksgiving week I took delivery of two pieces of Custom Cat Purrrniture. This is constructed of recycled spindles and beams, and covered with carpet remnants. It is large and heavy, and sturdy enough to withstand multiple climbing and flying felines without tipping. The proprietor gives a 30-day money back guarantee, but not the usual kind. Instead of allowing you to return it without question within 30 days, he requires you to keep it for 30 days and if your cat won't use it within that time frame he'll take it back. Well, I won't be able to return mine. John was inside the base of one unit within 30 seconds of it entering the house. It hadn't even been moved to its place yet.

Do you see the hole in the platform John is sitting on in the office? That's the third level up on the Orbitor, and his favorite thing to do so far is to enter the base and shoot up through the spindle. Or launch. Whoosh. It's quite entertaining.

This post is cited in this week's Carnival of the Cats, hosted by Scribblings.


Anonymous said...

I've always been tempted to buy some stuff from Purrniture. Somehow I've never been able to justify to myself spending that much and devoting that much space in the house... I'm sure I'll break down some day though... And like you, I'm sure the guarantee issue will be gone in about 30 seconds.

shelley said...

I love this Purrniture! Kellie has a small scratching post/house that is about 4 feet high, but the ones you have are fabulous!

Gottagopractice said...

They're not inexpensive, but they're also not cheap. And compared to the cost of reupolstering a couch, they're a bargain. I put them in a couple of major people-hangout places, and they are in constant use. The cats love them, and therefore I love them, too. Can't wait for the next litter of kittens!