Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Break dancing

Well, what does it look like to you? I don't know if John was spinning in ecstacy over some chipmunk antics outside the window, or if he just had an urgent itch. But fortunately DH's phone was handy, and he snapped this pic. Maybe disco for the bipedally challenged?

It's Tummy Tuesday. To see more of the (feline) sunny-side-up variety, visit LisaViolet.


Anonymous said...

*lol* Great Tummy shot and I'd say yep, break dancing!

Anonymous said...

John seems like quite the character! I love his break dancing moves : )

I took your advice and posted Kellie's tummy picture on the tummy tuesday website - nothing cuter than kitty tummies.

Anonymous said...

Great photo for Tummy Tuesday. :) Mom had to explain break dancing to me, but now that she has, it does look like he's doing that!