Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chanson Triste - End of 1st week

Progress check. I'm posting this even though in some ways it is less good than the baseline. I am in that quagmire of half-memorized music, struggling through the darkness. As T- says, it's either memorized or it's not. It's definitely not, but there is enough memory to gum things up when I'm playing from the music.

In spite of a few out-right wrong notes, I do see progress since last week. I have changed the fingerings to eliminate extended extensions. I think the phrasing is better. I have eliminated most of the extraneous facial tics (what does one do with one's expression in a piece like this?)

After watching, I would prioritize my tasks as follows:
1) Finalize and lock in one set of fingerings
2) Intonation!!!!
3) Fix the floating little finger on the bow

I think that will be enough for a week.

My audience.

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Anonymous said...

That piece looks so hard. All those shifts!