Sunday, December 31, 2006


It's been a little hectic for the past 48 hours. Half an hour after I tucked in my new foster kittens DH and I left for the airport to pick up my mother, who has come for an extended stay due to to some health problems and a recent hospitalization. If you deduced that I agreed to take the kittens to distract myself from other issues, you would be correct. And an excellent distraction they have been.

I don't have a true spare bedroom in our down-sized townhouse, so Mom sleeps on the fold-out couch in the den. It's not bad, really. A private room with a dedicated bath only a few feet down the hall, telephone and TV with VCR/DVD. I've stayed in worse hotel rooms. And we wouldn't want it to be too nice, you know.

The cats don't mind Mom, which is one less potential source of stress. In fact, when The Twins heard she was coming they decided to help me make up her bed. It's a good thing she is not allergic to cats.

Hey, you. I can't put put the elastic around the bed with you under the sheet.

What? Were you talking to me?

Come on - get out of there.

I think you need to pull up a little on your side.

I'll fix the top while you smooth the rest of the wrinkles.

Would you cut it out, already? She can't sleep in a bed with you big lump under there.

It can get cold here at night - she might need this polartec throw.

Thanks. Can't forget the cat bed, whatever the excuse.


cellodonna said...

This post and all of your cats are absolutely precious. Unfortunately I'm allergic, but at least can take pleasure in two regular outdoor visitors that my daughter feeds and dotes on --Miss Cream and Schnapps. One of these days I'll get some pics of them up on my blog.

Have a Happy New Year!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, you will be distracted all right. What a cute series of pictures. It takes ten times as long to make a bed with cats as without, but it's a lot more fun. Most of the time. And you laugh alot, in spite of yourself.

shelley said...

Cricket and John look ever so helpful! Kellie also likes to supervise the bedmaking in our house. I usually make the bed on top of her and then just before the final tuck I have to lift up a corner to make a tunnel for her to escape from. It makes a mundane chore so much more interesting : )