Monday, December 11, 2006

Pit stop

OMG, you have *got* to see this Rob Paravonian video that Eric Edberg linked to on his blog yesterday. I was ROFL (possibly the only time I will ever use that in a sentence). Fortunately, the only time I ever performed the Canon in D was in a cello trio, and I got to play an amalgam of the 2nd violin and viola parts. But I read the bass part the other day as warm-up for our wedding gig rehearsal. I think it works best when you have a deal with the other musicians that they give you a seriously big "we're stopping now" cue just before the end.

I was right about dinner on Saturday night. My taste buds were out of order, but I enjoyed dinner at per se anyway. The wine was excellent, and I focused on the more extroverted tastes in the meal. That's a good tactic for getting through nine courses, anyway.

And now it's Monday. Thanks to the URI I have some residual barotrauma to my ears, which did not clear well on the landing yesterday. My nose is still draining maliciously down the back of my throat. And last night after scooping kitty litter under those lovely spiral stairs you may have noticed in previous photos I stood up short and hit the top of my head on one of the oak posts. Hard. Today I have a healing 1 cm. laceration and a very sore crown. But nevertheless, I'm leaving for Honolulu in two hours, so I had better go pack.


Anonymous said...

Well I hope Hawaii is good compensation for the cold and the head laceration. Owwie.

BTW are you writing all these posts using thumb-typing on a Treo?

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, I love Hawaii! I'm very jealous as I shiver in the cold Canadian weather. Have a great holiday : )