Thursday, July 05, 2007


Question: What's one clue that the ordinary-looking person sitting in that office chair might be a 'cello player?

Answer: There's room for napping kittens behind her on the chair.

For the non-cellist readers, the explanation is thus. When I play the cello I sit well forward on the chair, balanced on the bony protuberances at the bottom of the pelvis commonly called the "sit bones" or "sitz bones" and less commonly by their anatomical name, the ischial tuberosities. Some players, particularly bigger guys, can achieve a free and balanced sitting stance all the way back in the chair, but not I. It's evidently become a habit I don't even notice, until I discover that four Country Cousins are taking a nap behind me as I type.


David E Maeda said...

Great pictures. Don't know if you were actually practicing prior to the pictures but if you were it would be an indication the kitties approve of your music.

My cats tend to flee the room whenever I have the energy to play the piano in my living room.

Funky Smith said...

Cutey cutes!

I do this too, only sans kittens.

Gottagopractice said...

Nope, typing at the computer, not playing (note arms on chair - would get in the way of the bow). It's the rare kitten who doesn't evacuate when I start to play, either piano or cello. I don't think they're being critical, just scared of the noise, as my bigs usually gather 'round when I practice. Or perhaps it's an acquired taste.

Jason Heath said...

Courtney and I both really love these kitty photos! Our cats used to always do this, but now they are too big to really fit behind us. One of our cats will often curl up by my feet when I practice, and when I'm working on the computer they will drape across the table behind the laptop screen. Of course, in summer they spend most of their time splayed out on the wood floor trying to keep cool!