Friday, July 06, 2007


Got a new toy in the mail yesterday. While I was at Shar looking at the orchestral parts on CD-ROM I saw their cello stands were also on sale. I've been meaning to get one of these for ages, knowing that unpacking and repacking my cello into the case makes me less likely to practice for short sessions, which decreases my practice time overall. Leaving the cello out free is not an option with kittens in the house.

This stand is quite nice, an Ingles. Very sturdy. Unfolds and screws together, no significant assembly required.

Some very nice features, including:

A cradle to stabilize the neck.

The cradle has a latch on a pivot to surround the neck and inhibit the cello falling off the stand after a simple bump.

The arms that hold the bottom of the cello adjust in height so that I can leave the endpin out, another boon for the 5-minute quickie practice session.

Having the cello higher on the stand also decreases vulnerability to kittens, since it's above their heads and they tend not to notice such things. John displayed the requisite interest in a new object and went on his way.

There's a little hook on the back for the bow, but that puts the swinging tip at a tempting height from the floor. Might have to forgo using that.

And here's Emma, patiently waiting for play time.

This stirred a memory, and yes indeed, I did see Ingrid sitting on just such a stand. You can ask PFS or Guanaco why she's hanging out with that rock-n-roll dude.

And one final feature: a lovely packing box.


Guanaco said...

All boxes in this house (size doesn't matter) belong to the cat until he destroys them.

I have an Ingles stand - they are really convenient. I bought it for the same reason - to cut down on all the setup time, etc. But I no longer use it for my acoustic - I just can't keep the humidity in the house high enough to protect the cello, so I have to store it in its case with a couple dampits.

But I do keep that rock-n-roll dude on the stand (talk about lengthy setup times) - I raised the stand's support arms as high as they'd go, and they support the electric cello where its fold-out arms rest on them.

Anonymous said...

I love being able to leave the endpin out. It makes me just a tad bit more likely to pick up the cello for a few minutes here and there.