Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mixed feelings

Yesterday was my first adoption event. The rescue group that I am fostering Sharae and the Country Cousins for holds these once or twice a month at one of the (many) local Petcos. Three hours on a Saturday, 45 minutes of travel time on each end, plus we needed to stop at the vet beforehand for Sharae to have one more blood test done. It was a very full day.

I'm not sure how effective these events are at getting cats adopted. It seems to me that PetFinder is much more efficient at drawing serious adopters, but it is a chance for the foster parents to have a little social event and meet each others' kittens. Cat people love meeting kittens. And I suppose it is also a neutral place for pre-identified potential adopters to come and meet the kitties who are out in foster. I know that's what I tried to do before I adopted John. Tried, because he was unfortunately not at the event that I attended, but I did get to complete my screening there to facilitate meeting him later at his foster home.

And wouldn't you know it, there was someone just like me there. She has two older female cats, and was looking for a younger male to balance out the household personalities. She had been thinking and looking for a year, and had been previously screened and approved as an adopter, so had come out to see who showed up, and if anyone was "perfect."

Wouldn't you know it, the only cat who was adopted yesterday was QT. Yup. He was "perfect." I was totally unprepared. D- threw a whole list of last minute reminders at me, things like preparing paperwork ahead of time and making up little adoption baggies with a favorite toy and some of the food the cat is currently eating. Feeling overwhelmed (my first time, after all) I decided to let that slide this time because the chances of one of my kittens being adopted was so small. The girls weren't allowed to go for a few more days because it was soon after their spays, and I was really hoping the boys would go with the girls.

Oh, well. The adopter seemed really nice, was ready to adopt, pre-approved, and had cats to keep a kitten company. I think QT was an excellent choice. He has lots of kitten energy, but a very mellow personality. He'll miss his sibs for awhile, but I'm sure he'll adjust quickly, and that his new family will just love him. And I did have one of his favorite mouses (a red one) with me so that I could send that with him to his new home.

But I do miss him. My Mom (who is visiting) cried a little when I came home without him. The sibs are adjusting well, no seeking cries, but they do seem a little subdued.

J-, I forgot to tell you that he loves to roll on his back and have a hands-around-the-belly rub. But you've probably figured that out already.

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David E Maeda said...

It was my experience in visiting Thompson and Diego at a Petco adoption event that convinced me to adopt them. I had already visited them in their foster home but to see how they reacted to being in what must be a stressful situation sealed the deal. Also- everyone was paying so much attention to Diego that my heart just was won over by Thompson.