Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wishful Thinking

I grew out of the belief that reading Mademoiselle would make me gorgeous by my mid 20's, but even at my more mature age continue to battle with the magical thinking that if I just buy the right book I will become smart. Unfortunately, DH shares that fault. In medical school we had one complete shelf for neuroanatomy books, and another for biochemistry texts.

Every time I take up a new hobby you can read clear evidence of it on my bookshelves. I would estimate I have 20 linear feet of computer manuals and how-tos, and maybe 8 linear feet of music texts. Previous hobbies (ice skating, wind surfing, squash) have been recycled at library book drives.

The music books are harder to estimate, as many are over-size and are filed in a pile on the bookshelf. And I'm not sure I can accurately estimate the amount of sheet music I have. At least 4 file drawers and several shelves, plus 20 or so CD volumes. It boggles the mind.

I try to keep it in check, but have yet to completely shake the habit of buying sheet music on spec. "Oooh, this looks interesting... I think I might be able to play it someday!," and it doesn't seem to matter whether I am browsing at the store or on the internet. The only reliable solution is to refrain from browsing.

So, yesterday I stopped at the sheet music store on my way home from my AT lesson. My specific goal: to find a volume of elementary canons and fugues to play on the piano. I love fugues, and my appetite to learn how to play them was whetted by a little 5-finger canon we worked on this week. Lovely warm-up, transposed to major keys last week and minor keys this one. I was hoping to find some graded work to span the chasm between that and Bach 2-part inventions.

The good news is that I invested in a number of very interesting-looking volumes (shades of PFS here).

The bad news is that I believe there is exactly one elementary fugue in all of these volumes. Which I am greatly looking forward to playing. I think I am going to end up writing my own and playing them. Perhaps I can write out some of the simple canons in my string books to learn with two hands on the piano.

Too bad I didn't think of that before I went to the store.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice collection. I have a keyboard but am not (yet)nutty enough to start buying sheet music. I barely have time to keep up with the cello.