Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last week in review

After nearly two weeks of not practicing much at all, my gimpy knee finally allowed me to walk moderately long distances (slowly) carrying a cello and to sit with knee bent through a couple hours of rehearsal. So of course, I started back in to things slowly. Right. My schedule:

Wed. Church orch rehearsal (2 hours)
Thu. Community orch rehearsal (2 hours)
Fri. No rehearsals, just practice
Sat. Church orch rehearsal (2 hours)
Sun. Church orch rehearsal and 2 performances (4.5 hours)
Mon. Demonstrate cello solo at piano lesson

The church service was the annual "God and Country" service in honor of the 4th of July, patriotic songs with elaborate orchestral arrangements and a little drama introducing the history of each song. When I was word-searching for the appropriate descriptive term DH suggested "schlocky," which I think was just about right. As expected, he loved it. And though it's not my favorite thing to play, I enjoyed having an appreciative audience. The congregation was huge this week.

I did limit practice times to less than an hour each day, and discovered I must have built a pretty good base in the last five years. Although my playing is rusty, I felt quite competent and best yet, none of my nagging chronic overuse injuries have flared.

Right now my mind is proceeding along two paths of inquiry. The first is re-thinking my scales routine, and figuring out exactly what I want to accomplish with that in the next three months. The second is a retrospective look at my practice journal, very underused in the two years I have been studying with T-, in order to figure out where I want to go with that from here.

You can expect my upcoming posts to perseverate a bit on those two topics.

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