Sunday, January 27, 2008

Allergic to the cold

You may remember that Sharae was born in a very rural area, 'way up north, where it is very, very cold this time of year. I don't think she was genetically predisposed to survive in that environment. As soon as it got a little cold here she began spending most of her day by one of two floor registers in the kitchen or on The Beach, as we refer to the towel at the end of the island.

Yes, there is usually a cat on what is technically a kitchen counter. We got tired of chasing cats off the island, and finally realized there was good reason they disobeyed. Not only can they efficiently survey the house from that perch, but it's warm under the spot light located directly overhead. We capitulated, put a towel under the light, and have trained them that they are allowed there on the island, but only there. Right. But mostly, anyway. If they are somewhere else on the counter, their name said in a stern voice while pointing at The Beach is enough to send them scurrying to the safe zone.

Back to Sharae. It's been subzero here for the past week, and at those temperatures we can't keep the upstairs warm enough to keep the chill out of the downstairs. I finally purchased a couple of oil-filled radiators, and they are wonderful. It didn't take long for Sharae to find a new favorite spot.

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-d ma said...

I'm with Sharae... no one should have to live in this type of cold. I wish I could huddle up by a heating register all day...