Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I'm sleeping in.
It's 2 degrees outside.


CelloGeek said...

Happy New Year!

I'd be snuggled under more than one blanket...

Gottagopractice said...

Me, too.

The gray on the left in the picture is my sweatshirt. The stripes on the right belong to the flannel sheet. On top of that is a very thick feather comforter in a flannel duvet. On top of that are two polar fleece and one faux fur throws for the kitties outside the covers. And under the blankets close by each of my sides is one cat - GiGi on the left in the photo, and John on the right. I tried to take a picture of John first, but I only had my flashless camera phone close by, the room was dark, and a black cat in a black hole is, well, black, so you couldn't see him at all and GiGi made the front page.

It was a very nice long winter's nap.

CelloGeek said...

now that sounds cozy! Nice way to start the new year!