Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two by two

When I adopted Cricket from the shelter, I told Madeleine she would be her kitty. That didn't work out so well, because though Cricket was anxious to make friends, Madeleine was too shy. When I adopted John from a rescue group, I told Cricket he was her kitty, since Madeleine usually ran away instead of playing and I knew Cricket was frustrated. That worked out great, and John and Cricket became pals.

With the stripey girls staying with me from 4-6 months now, they are entrenched parts of our household. We are just getting to the point where the girls are going to be cleared medically to be adopted, but I am not sure I am going to be able to let them go. Everyone is getting along with everyone, and six feels just exactly right. My only complaint is that there is not a lap cat among them.

These are typical scenes that I captured over the weekend. Popular warm spots for daytime napping are the bed, with a goose-down comforter, lots of fleece and faux fur, and a new oil-filled radiator in the bedroom, The Beach in the kitchen, and believe it or not, the bathroom sink and counter. When we remodeled, the new master bath was carved out of the mechanical room. It's separated from the furnace by a thin sheet rock wall, and turned out to be quite toasty while the furnace is running.

Now we see that Sharae is Cricket's kitty:

Gigi is John's kitty, though it's really more the other way around. Gigi has a crush on John, having had her heart broken twice, when each of her brothers left.

And even shy Madeleine has a kitty, Seri, who enjoys hanging out in the sinks. Madeleine has really blossomed in this household of six, something I never imagined would happen.

Is this the end of fostering? Are we going to keep the stripey girls?


Emily said...

Two things: do you know about this site? It seems some of your kitties are destined to be stars on it.

And I see you're tracking Blake's blog. I used to read it, then it went invitation-only, and now it's super spam. Any idea what's going on?

Gottagopractice said...

Yes, I submitted a pic of John in a sink a while ago, but there are so many thousands of submissions I never did see it there. Never fear, these kitties don't do it for (the potential) fame!

I read Blake in an rss reader, and had been just looking at the latest. I wasn't aware of the "by invitation only" phase. I looked back in my reader and the last real post was Dec 5th. It looks like his blog has been hijacked to me.

Funky Smith said...

Lovely, happy kitties. They look so HAPPY!

Guanaco said...

More kitties!

I just got a comment from "Blake" yesterday... the first half seemed fairly legitimate and appropriate to the topic, but the second half was more like one of those spam comments that show up from time to time. I also hadn't realized his blog went to invitation only...

What's interesting is that his blog got a comment on 1/13 and he replied to it on 1/14, so who knows what's going on?

Gottagopractice said...

You know, I had noticed that bizarre comment but hadn't connected that it was from "Blake". I sent him an email - hope that the hijacker didn't get his gmail address, too.

Gottagopractice said...

For those following, I got a note back from Blake:

yeah, i took the blog down for a hiatus and it looks like someone grabbed the domain right away. didn't realize that would happen... i want to bring it back eventually in a new format. not sure exactly what that will be yet... i'm working on a new video to put on youtube though. :)


From what I've been reading, if you decide to commit blog suicide, it's better to leave a stub and not delete the blog completely. Since the address is not retired, there's no telling what your previous readers will end up linking to next.