Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bunny in the yard

Back to single digits this week; I need to dig out my gloves again. I know I am acclimatized because I've been walking around with unzipped jacket and no hat or gloves while the temperature has been below freezing, but zero Fahrenheit still feels cold to me.

It's cold for the critters outside, too. Last night D- and I were discussing cat tracks in the snow around her house, and how to rig up a warm box for any stray kitties outside (a styrofoam cooler filled with straw was recommended). We haven't seen chipmunks for over a month, since the first real snow fall, and we probably won't until the snow finally melts... in a few months? But the bunnies are still out. Occasionally they will make their way up the walkway in front of the house looking for something to eat or a little shelter during snow storms, much to the delight of any kitties stationed near the den windows.

Funny, though, that I am often the first to see the bunny, even when there is a kitty on window overwatch.

Look, GiGi, can't you see? There's a bunny right outside the window.

A little motion (on the part of the bunny) helps, but if they stay in place long enough the cat will finally stop focusing on my wild gesticulations (what's up with Mom?) and look far enough outside to see.

Ahh, now she's interested.

Look, everybody! There's a bunny outside the window! (Why don't they pay that kind of attention to me?)

A still shot doesn't quite capture the whole story.

Sorry, YouTube seems to be having some issues this morning. You'll have to stop back later to see the video clip. Or, what the heck, I'll try out the Blogger video upload feature.

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