Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Staying warm

Minus 36. I think that was what DH muttered to me on his way to work this morning. I was pretty groggy, having been up half the night drowning in post-nasal drip from the cold in my head. Yup, I see frost under the front door. Pretty cold outside, too. But -36 was the windchill. It's really only -13.

The kitties have decided that downstairs with the new radiators is the way to go, avoiding the freezing drafts emanating from the windows. Sharae was not keen on sharing, but Cricket convinced her there was room enough for two.

I have a rare Wednesday when I am not scheduled to be outside all day, and if I'm not feeling considerably better by this afternoon I'll cancel my appearance at church orchestra rehearsal this evening. No, you know what? I'm going to do that right after I finish here. It would be pretty dumb to go to rehearsal and spread these germs around - to what end? To see how many others I can knock out before Sunday? Curses on whomever carried the ones that felled me into a public place.

The other kitties are doing their morning jobs. Madeleine is stretched out on the bathroom sink. Sharae moved from the radiator and is now cuddled with GiGi on top of the Colonade. (Either Cricket prevaled, or Sharae has a short attention span.) Seri has busily burrowed under all of the fleece throws on the bed, making herself a cozy little nest.

John is keeping warm the old-fashioned way. Do you ever put your head under the covers when it's really cold in the room, breathing under the blankets to warm up your nose? Here is the feline equivalent:

See more kitties riding on the Friday Ark this week.


-d ma said...

Yeah John is doing an excellent demonstration of the kitty version of the under the blanket thing which I most of last night.

And about your previous post: I think that is why I could never foster cats. I think I'd always get way too attached to let them go.

5plus said...

John is demonstrating why cats rescued from the cold often have one ear severely frostbitten. Cats can protect most everything but that one ear. I'm glad he is just staying warm INSIDE.

Gottagopractice said...

Sobering observation, 5plus.

And -d, I'm thinking the same thing about now. My heart feels like a sieve, full of little holes formed as each kitty that has gone took a tiny piece with them. I understand better why my first foster coordinator talked about cycling in and out of fostering.

jams o donnell said...

Aww you cats know where they are best off. Just -13? moan when the temperature goes below freezing point!

Katie said...

As much as I love that fact that you foster, I have to admit those 3stripey girls look pretty content right where they are!

melissa said...


I'll send warm thoughts your way. I'm in Texas, where it got downright balmy today. Of course the overnight lows drop into the 20's and a fifty degree swing during the day is annoying...

Stay warm, and I hope you feel better soon.

cellodonna said...

By now I hope the weather has warmed and your head cold has cleared.

Oh those cats do have the right idea about keeping warm.

Stay warm and feel better.

Anonymous said...

At the House of Chaos we don't really need thermometers to tell us how cold it is outside. It's near-freezing cold when Loup-Garou snuggles under the blankets instead of on top of my head. It's freezing cold when Hrimnir joins him.
It's a natural disaster of biblical proportions when Bean Sidhe joins them.