Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bucket O' Fuzzy Kitten

Finnegan is momentarily awake, with Dicken and Fiona forming sleeping bookends after their fourth (or fifth) meal of the day. Tiny tummies need frequent feedings. The Fancies have figure out the purpose of bowls, but Dicken is still mystified, and will only eat from a syringe.

One of the best features of kittens is their near instantaneous acceptance of other kittens. You'd think these were sibs, but not so. Dicken joined the family just yesterday.


NoJo said...

they are so cute!

I'm new here and found your blog while looking for some good blogs to read!

-d ma said...

what a fantastic photo. life must be pretty sweet being a lil kitty.

Funky Smith said...


Gottagopractice said...

Thanks for stoppin' by, NoJo. There's lots of good blogs out there-happy hunting.

Pretty sweet if you're lucky and someone brings you in out of the cold, d-. Let's hope we can find these tykes as good a Dad as you are!