Friday, April 18, 2008

King of the Nursery

The Fancy Pants duo has been with me almost a week, and were starting to get antsy with only the bathroom floor to play in. So today is their first Liberation Day - the Nursery door is open, and they have an extra 24 square feet in the entry way.

It's a big day for Scooter, too. For several days he has been sitting outside the door trying to play with the ball rolling on the other side. I had let him in for short visits, but unfortunately the big cats have trained him well. Seems the proper way to great other cats is to bop them. That wasn't too bad, but his wrestling was a tad too aggressive for the little ones, so he couldn't stay.

Today, Scooter is in heaven. It is so much more fun to chase and wrestle with a little fluff ball who is close to your own size than with a disgruntled Big who at any moment might really whap you. He's still a little stronger than Fiona and Finnegan, but they are holding their own. Looks like they worked up an appetite - they just ran to their food bowls to finish breakfast, and believe it or not, Scooter is politely waiting for them to finish.

Done. Time to play some more.


Denise said...

You've got to love Scooter's excited sideways jumping-- especially under the "turtle". Oops!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh I can't wait to meet them!