Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Deck days

It was a gorgeous weekend, over 40 degrees and sunny. I saw many people running around in T-shirts, but I wore a jacket with my flip-flops. The deck door was finally open, for the first time since... October, maybe?

On Saturday we had just a bit of Winter snow left on the deck, forming this interesting snow sculpture that John is investigating.

...and Seri, and Sharae. That's it. All the snow left on the deck. There was still a little on the roof,

...enough for Cricket to voluntarily confine herself to the deck, rather than exploring up high. Here she is on the rail, though, showing Seri the ropes.

On Sunday, a very little bit of Winter snow sculpture remained, and though you can't see it, the roof is bare. Another great deck day.

But on Monday - guess what? - it snowed again! For 24 hours!

Here is my lovely deck, sans snow sculpture but with the first of its new coat of Spring snow.

On Tuesday (that's today) the sun is shining again. I think it was John who insisted I open the door, even though he could see the white stuff through the window. Cricket and Seri are sitting in the bit of sunshine,

...even though the rest of the deck looks like this.

And John is at the door, praying "Snow, snow, go away. Isn't it time for April showers?"


Maricello said...

You are definitely overdue for some April showers, and I have had my full of them, even though it is only the first of the month!

Gottagopractice said...

The snow is completely melted today (April 9th) and I see a bit of sunshine, but we are supposed to have another big snow tomorrow. Agh!