Monday, January 01, 2007

Anything that moves

Happy New Year, everybody. Look - it snowed!

Instead of contemplating resolutions in a leisurely fashion, I spent the day keeping a very tiny kitten warm and fed. I guess you could say I was busy being a momma cat. I think Leia and I will be taking a trip to the shelter tomorrow to check on her hydration status. She doesn't seem to be sick, she's just not thriving yet.

Here is a clip of morning play time. See how much bigger and more energetic Luke is, but both put on a pretty good show. If it moves, it must be a toy.

These were the commas in my day. What would life be like without a little punctuation?


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Stop biting my tail!

shelley said...

What beautiful kittens! They look so tiny, well I guess since they weigh between 18.5 and 26 ounces they ARE tiny : )

Lisa said...

That last picture is precious. Looks like Luke is trying to keep Leia warm.