Monday, February 26, 2007


So, over the weekend it snowed. Not a remarkable happening in the middle of February, but it started out with freezing rain, which made the roads very messy. Then there was almost a foot of accumulation, which takes a while to clear, plus it was a weekend and I bought groceries on Friday, so I decided to be snowbound in the house for the duration. That meant I had lots of aimless (but not mindless) surfing time.

One of the things I did was to check out all of the Charlies waiting for adoption on PetFinder. In case you've forgotten, this is "my" Charlie. Check out these look-alikes:

A 4 y/o male in Ontario, CA. His bio says that he was 3 y/o in Jan 2006, so he's been waiting for a home for over a year.

A young female in Menands, NY. They don't state an age, but her bio says Charlie is a darling little girl. She had a home but couldn't handle the young children and all the noises they made. In a quieter home she will be a wonderful companion. Charlie is a beauty!

This Charlie is 2.5 years old, from Mount Pleasant, PA. His bio says that when you get close to his cage, he runs to you for attention, thus the weird photo. He has the two black spots on his head, but it doesn't say anything about a black tail.

Looks like this Charlie likes to eat! A young adult male from Altamonte Springs, FL.

Not so much of a look-alike, but this black-and-white Charlie from Clovis, NM had the saddest bio: Charlie was rescued from Cannon Air Force Base and brought to the sanctuary for care and rehabilitation. Whether Charlie was dumped, abandoned or lost is unclear but what we do know is that at one time he was a cherished friend. When he came to us he was declawed and neutered so someone took good care of him once. Charlie is partially blind in both eyes. He can see about 30-40% of what a normal cat can see. We believe his eyesight loss is due to a taurine deficiency. Charlie is very friendly and loving and would make any household a home.


shelley said...

You are so brave! I'm not able to look at animals that need homes - much too sad - I end up sad and crying : (

Gottagopractice said...

I know. But they don't go away if we don't look at them. I like to think it keeps my heart soft, and thus more likely to do something to help the ones that I can.

David E Maeda said...

I like how a couple of the Charlies like your friend have the lil Chaplinesque mustache. Thankfully the female Charlie isn't one of them.