Thursday, February 01, 2007

Leia, too

Yes, there's been a lot of focus on Luke this week, but Leia still lives here, too. Luke, being bigger and more mischievous, seems to get himself into photogenic predicaments a little more often. Leia is growing, but is thin and dense and will always be much smaller than Luke. She shows no signs of growing out of the tiny head with huge eyes. Really lovely. As she gets older she is showing a marked preference for NOT being picked up, but still gives plenty of cuddles on her own schedule. She also prefers NOT to be burrito wrapped and given meds, and I have the scratches to prove it. Ouch. Need to do some more nail trimming at my house.

Our routine morning schedule goes something like this: DH gets up at a ridiculously ungodly hour before the sun rises. The cats get up with him, and he feeds them breakfast. Then they all troop back to bed with me and nap until a civilized hour for arising. This morning Cricket was cuddled with the kittens at my feet, washing Leia's head while Luke played with Leia's twitching tail. Gentle purrs all around. Such a warm, domestic scene to wake up to.

We'll all, people and cats alike, miss these kittens when they leave. But there is good news. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm so happy I need to share it. There's someone here who wants to adopt these monsters together. She still needs to get through the application process, which can't occur until after they return to the shelter, pass their physicals, and get spayed and neutered. But I am excited that all looks good for them being together with someone who loves them. And that I'll know where they are, and may even get updates now and again.

It occurred to me, watching John and Cricket warm up to these kittens, that we may have somewhat of a meerkat social hierarchy developing in this house, with me as matriarch. I wonder if the bigs are beginning to think that periodically I just have a litter of kittens?


shelley said...

Yes, I wonder where the bigs think all these kittens come from : )

We will all certainly miss Luke and Leia when they leave, but happily await the next litter of kittens you deliver : )

Anonymous said...

Finally the truth comes out. You're part cat!