Saturday, February 17, 2007


No, this isn't Group 5, because technically these aren't "my" foster kittens. They're visiting for a week while their foster mom takes a brief vacation. You can see they're pretty big - about 12 weeks old. They spent the first 24 hours confined to the Nursery and the office. And as I surmised, when I opened the door to give them access to the house, my bigs were there waiting to greet them. Sniffs all around, and it was as though they had been here for weeks.

This group was born in a household where there were three cats. The owners thought they were all females. Not. So mom was spayed and the two large adult males were neutered, and their progeny are just about ready to find new homes. From upper left and moving clockwise we have:

Eli. Gray and white spotted boy, boldest, wants love and comes to get it.

Eathan. Gray boy with white trim and gray nose, shy, cries the most for attention, really likes to be held. (He's purring in my lap as I type.)

Elroy. The little white boy with the black spots seems to have recovered from his crippled legs. (His back legs didn't work well initially. With the black spot over the base of his spine, I wonder if he didn't have a forme fruste of spina bifida. He also has two black smudges on his head that you can't see in the photo, and his nose is very interesting: pink, except for a black septum and philtrim = the line where the face joins in the middle over the lips.) Lively & sweet. Smallest.

Eden. The white girl with the black spot on her head and the black tail with a kink. (Very cute. It looks like she has a black hairdo with curls around the ears. And the kink at the end of the tail feels like the tail was broken, and the tip may have been amputated when she was smaller.) She is the shyest, last to try new things. (But she loves cuddles as much as her brothers do.)

The descriptions were provided by their foster mom, with my comments in parenthesis, and they correlate exactly with my own observations. I'll never ceased to be amazed at how different each kitten is, and at how early you can sort out their personality preferences.

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shelley said...

These kittens are adorable! They seem to have settled into the nursery quite well : )