Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Missing Luke

You will be happy to hear that Luke and Leia's "alterations" went well, and they are happily installed in their new home. After almost zero adjustment time they own the house, have played with all their new toys and climbed all their new trees, and are generally delighting their new mom, S-. S- says that off and on through the night they climb up on the bed and purr. She has also discovered why we called him "Luke Facewalker". No such thing as a solid night's sleep with those two around, but we miss them here, anyway.

S- notes that Luke periodically walks through the house at night making calling sounds. She thinks he may be missing my bigs. I think my bigs are missing the littles, too. They've been moping and sitting around staring at me with big, reproachful eyes. John has also been doing the nocturnal calling. Today he sat down in the middle of the Nursery and wailed. But maybe he was just looking for kibble.


shelley said...

I miss Luke and Leia too! I'm glade they have a good home and were able to stay together. I've often thought of getting Kellie a pal, but I'm not sure how she would react, so I keep putting it off.

Anonymous said...

Poor John. He sounds so sad. I'm going to think he's missing the kittens and not the kitten chow.