Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm tired. It's been a kinda tough two weeks, I realize as I am totalling up the events to try to explain why I am so tired. They went something like this:

* That nasty bug that sidelined me from blogging for a few days was a bad kidney infection. That cost me a day in the ER and several days in bed until the fevers and chills stopped.

* Started a new church gig, Wed night rehearsals and Sun services, middle two weeks of each month.

* I spent the beginning of the next week in DC, still a little weak but able to travel. There in time for that nasty east coast snow and ice storm. Not really back to exercising, but got to shovel some heavy snow (pant, pant.)

* Getting off the plane, planted my left foot, turned, and my left knee folded sideways. Ouch. Drove straight to the acute orthopaedic injury clinic, where I was put in a knee immobilizer.

* Made it to church rehearsal that night, and to lesson and orch rehearsal the following day. T- said not to worry, Navarra had the same playing stance, with left foot extended. But pretty tiring to lug the cello around in a knee immobilizer.

* Cello disintegrated. Took the cello back to the shop, and played the loaner in church yesterday.

* Four kitten visitors. I love them, but scooping litter is a little more work than usual because I can't bend down very well. And kittens make lots of used litter.

* Knee MRI today. I took the knee immobilizer off on Sat since I have almost 80 degrees of flexion and it only hurts if I bend it or twist on it ~g~. Figured better a little pain than total leg atrophy. Will find out tomorrow what the long term implications are.

* Finally, had an excellent practice today. Maybe I feel more like playing because I can't do much of anything else.

Since I still can't exercise much, I might as well open a nice bottle of wine. Without my usual endorphins I have to do something to numb the pain. Even better, a nice bottle of wine and some purring (but stinky) kittens to hug. Somebody hide the scale.


Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

What a time you've had!
Hope everything gets back to normal soon.

Those kittens are sooo cute!!

Guanaco said...

Wow! Rough two weeks. Hope things calm down for a while...