Tuesday, April 10, 2007


There's a tummy under there... can you see it?

But wait... I only count 5 kittens.

Where's Taffy?

There she is!
Even with dinner calling, she can't resist visiting the people.

Oh... did you say dinner?

Hey! There's no room for me!

It's Tummy Tuesday. To see more of the (feline) sunny-side-up variety, visit LisaViolet.


ola del m rio said...

Okay we have been introduced to Taffy and Sweetie. What is everyone elses name?

shelley said...

Taffy is such a little sweatheart! What a beautiful bunch of kittens. If only people would spay or neuter their cat though - then we wouldn't have to worry about all these babies finding homes : ( Until then though, they are lucky to have you and the Bigs : )

Gottagopractice said...

I'll list them tomorrow with their weight data. In the meantime, I've added their names to the Foster Roll in my sidebar.

As to spaying, well, words fail me.

Funky Smith said...

Love your kitties.

I had a girl cat, 1 year old since August. I adopted a boy cat, 2 years old, about a month ago. Introductions went well but now he's being a big jerk, all the time. I've tried treats, training, squirting, etc. He attacks her all the time and to her credit, she stands up for herself. Probably not the best mix but I'm committed now.

If you have any advice I would be glad!

Gottagopractice said...

Hi, funky smith. I'm certainly no expert on cat behavior, but can think of a couple things. You can do the physical separation, slow reintroduction, like you would for a new cat. Most shelters have a handout on their web sites that describe how to do this. You might find the book "The Cat Who Cried for Help: Attitudes, Emotions, and the Psychology of Cats" by Dr. Nicholas Dodman a good read.

Also take a look at Clicker Training for articles and hints about positive reinforcement and negative punishment. The basic idea is to reward the behaviors you want, while ignoring those you don't. The hardest part is defining, catching and rewarding the behaviors you want.

Good luck.

Funky Smith said...

Thanks--the book sounds good and I hadn't even considered clicker training.