Monday, April 30, 2007

Send up a count

ROTC Summer Camp. Squad tactics. Walking through the woods or along a road in the dark.

"Send up a count."

"One... two... three..." Whispered from cadet to cadet. (By the 70's it was no longer man to man.)

"All accounted for..." Sir/Ma'am/Sergeant.

I think that must have been where the constant counting I hear in my head became a habit. The habit of accountability, knowing where your troops are all the time.

Today I look at a pile of kittens at my feet and think one... two... three... four... five... five... five... Where's six? Who's missing? OK, I see four grays and one red. A red one is missing. That one's Honey. Where's Snap?

And off I go, searching. It was Honey the other night, Snap this morning. Candy went missing briefly yesterday. Two out of three times I found them... in the filing cabinet. During the first long search for Honey I remembered having seen them play behind and hop over the bar behind the filing cabinet, a wooden structure with a partially open back. I pulled out the drawer, and there she was sleeping. Just enough head room for an under-20 oz. kitten.

It still took me awhile to find Snap this morning. Next time I'll look there first.


Shelley said...

What an adorable picture of Snap getting some quiet time in your filing cabinet : ) I guess with 5 brothers and sisters you have to just go off on your own sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Sleeping on top of the hanging files. Only a cat would think that makes a cozy place to rest. Reminds me of that photo that made the rounds of a cat sleeping in the tube created by the wire hangers in a tightly packed closet.